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1990 5 Ship Management Companies invested in marine spare parts sales area, formed the prototype of Qinhuangdao Beifang Ship Machinery Import & Export Co. Ltd.,, and filled the blank of domestic ship machinery and accessories in the North China’s market;
1993 Qinhuangdao North Ship machinery import and Export Co., Ltd. was formally established;
1995 More than 1350 domestic customers,Established Guangzhou, Xiamen, Yantai, Dalian office and Singapore agency;
1998 It became the agent of many famous marine machinery and equipment manufacturers;
2000 Annual turnover exceeded 20 million US dollars.
2001 Successfully passed the Norway classification society DNV quality management system authentication;
2002 Approved by the Ministry of foreign trade and economic cooperation, BFMP became the first import and export company in China specialized in marine machinery equipment and spare parts.
2003 The company signed agreements with several large marine diesel plants in China to realize the mutual supply of diesel engine parts and machines;
2004 Through the rigorous examination, became a qualified spare parts and equipment supplier of China National Offshore Oil Corporation (“CNOOC”),
2005 Signed the agreements on the supply and sale of bulk goods, and established a strategic partnership with several famous ship-owners and shipyards
2007 Became the supply base of the most variety , the largest quantity of Shipbuilding Equipments in China;
2008 Supplied the ship equipment package to Vietnam’s three large scale freighters, container ships
2009 The business was expanded into the area of the installed parts supply, supplied the full set of CKD installed components of L/V32/40 diesel engine which was authorized by the China’s diesel engine factory. We became the only one suppler that can offer this service. 
2010 Completed CKD parts supply of L21/31 model;
2011 It became a complete set of equipment’s suppliers for the key shipbuilding projects of Chinese government; and completed the batch supply of CKD parts of 20 sets of L27/38 models;
2012 The power business division was set up, entered the field of international power equipment supply;
2013 Established the joint venture "Yuchai international company" with Yuchai group; entered the realm of sales of international engineering machinery and vehicles;

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