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New building ship equipment systematic service

BFMP has obtained authorized agent from more than 60 famous ship equipment manufacturers in Europe, Japan, South Korea and China. It can provide the complete or partial project of various types of new shipbuilding such as marine engineering, transportation and special area less than 350,000 tons, mainly provide the following services:

A. selection and technical consultation of the specific equipment

B. the price control of the equipment provided

C. stages and subsequent technical services



Ship propulsion system

In order to ensure the reliability of marine propulsion system, more and more ship owners and builders choose the packing supply of the main propulsion system. BFMP can offer the packages of main engine ,high elastic coupling,gear box, intermediate shaft and stern shaft and propeller or CPP, rudder and propeller shaft generator, etc.  the advantages as follows:

1) Ensure the integrity, unity and coordination of the whole main propulsion system.

2) High cost performance

3) Improve after-sale service

As to the experience of the package service for the main propulsion system, BFMP has finished many package supplies and offered many packing services to vessels successfully since 2008.  There is no obstacle to coordinate among different equipment suppliers.



Power range





high speed




Gasoline, diesel and natural gas

Single fuel

 Dual fuel


Public service ship

 Fishing vessel



Medium speed



Light diesel oil, heavy oil, natural gas

Single fuel

 Dual fuel

scientific research ship

Working ship

Fire boat


low speed



Light diesel oil. heavy oil

Single fuel

Container ship


Bulk cargo ship

Liquefied gas carrier

Gear box

So far, BFMP’s gear box business covers almost all kinds of ship industry area, provide the best design to customers, professional technical service and perfect after-sales service. We are looking forward to your inquire!

The types of products:

Single input single out gearbox, double inlet single out gear box, double inlet and double outlet gear box

Propulsion equipment

The selection of the propeller is very important to the vessel’s efficiency, speed, and security.

BFMP select the compatible products according to the ship's purpose, working conditions, and equipment configuration. We can offer propulsion equipments which are available in Europe and Asia,such as: CPP, FPP, pipe propeller, rudder propeller, water jet, surface propeller etc.

Marine power station system

Ship power station is an important auxiliary power unit on ship, provide electricity to auxiliary machinery and the whole ship. It is an important section of the ship’s power system, and the equipment that can continuously supply the power to the whole ship. Ship power station is composed of prime mover, generator auxiliary equipment (assemble to generator set) and power distribution board. We can select and supply 50Hz or 60Hz power generation units according to the customer's requirement.

Cabin auxiliary equipment

Marine cabin auxiliary system is an indispensable part of the normal operation of the ship. It can be divided into air compressor, heat exchanger, centrifugal oil separator, sewage treatment unit, boiler, air conditioner, fan, pump valve.

BFMP cooperate with designing institutes, select and design the cabin equipment according to the customer's demand, provide the best quality products for the ship owner. We can offer single or packing supply.

Water making device

Purification equipment


waste oil and sewage treatment device

Air compressor

Ship refrigeration and air conditioner

Pump and valve

Ballast water treatment system

Deck machinery

Deck machinery, that is ship deck machinery, is a mechanical equipment mounted on the deck of a ship. That is the most important part of the ship. Deck machinery is the mechanical equipment and device that maintain the normal navigation, berth, loading and unloading of cargo, embarking and disembarking of passengers.

The Ship deck machinery can be divided into large deck machinery and small deck machinery. Including steering gear, windlass and winch, fairleader, bitt bollard (Department of LAN, pile) roller, deck crane equipment etc.

Our company can provide one-stop service according to the needs of customers, design covers all deck machinery. From design to building, from completion to running, fully meet the different requirements of customers.

Windlass and stranding machine

Cargo handling equipment

Steering engine

Cabin opening equipment

Automatic Control System

Ship automatic control system is a part of shipping automation. Its products cover drive control, monitoring and remote control series, power distribution series, electric charge and discharge, starting all kinds of counter series, boxes for the power distribution and starting etc.

According to the specific requirements of customers and Designing Institute, BFMP contact manufacturers to produce the custom-made control and distribution system, ensure our customers to get the best price and after-sales service.

Bridge control system

Engine room control system

Alarm system

Ship navigation system

Dynamic positioning system

Ship communication system


The inner and outer outfitting

Inner fitting: we provide general layout, supply and install the facilities of living buildings.  The products cover the kitchen, laundry room, bathroom, living room, conference room, all kinds of doors and windows, wall, ceiling material and fire rating.

Outfitting: access door, hatch cover, boat doors, windows, sea ladder, cage, railings and handrails

Fire fighting and life boat

Marine life-saving equipment includes life jackets, life buoy, life raft, respirator, rope throwing device, emergency lamp and other device. We can packing supply the whole ship lifesaving equipment according to the customer's demands.

Marine firefighting equipment includes CO2 fire-extinguishing system, fire monitor, fire hydrant, fire hose box, fire axe and other equipment; we can package supply the whole ship firefighting equipments according to customer’s demands.


Life raft

Life-saving Appliances

Fixed fire extinguishing system

Fireighting appliances

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