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Offshore oil equipment

The world's offshore oil resources are 34% of the world's total oil resources. According to the data from the consultancy research, the world's offshore oil reserves are about about 100000000000 tons, of which the proven reserves are about 380 tons. At present, there are more than 100 countries in the world for offshore oil exploration, of which there are more than 50 countries to explore the deep sea, and now the marine oil industry has become the world's rapid rise of high-tech industries.

Our company has entered the field of marine petroleum equipment in the early years, after years of development, has been in the petroleum, CNOOC, COSL, Singapore and many marine shipyard has established the close cooperation, the business covers the platform, underwater detection, geophysical equipment, marine ships and other world frontiers. The services include: drilling platform, oil ship FP, work boats, AHTS ship, floating crane, semi submersible vessel, power equipment and spare parts.

Technical support service

Our company can design consulting and equipment for customers at home and abroad, a new platform for the new shipbuilding package, provide test equipment technical support services and on-site installation and debugging, and customer service, maritime service service, maintenance and spare parts supply.

Storage and transportation equipment

Hot bend pipe, ERW longitudinal welded pipe, straight submerged arc welded pipe, spiral submerged arc welded steel pipe, storage tank, spherical tank, one or two and three types of pressure vessels

Subsea equipment

With the increase of water depth in China's offshore oil exploitation, the demand for offshore oil and underwater equipment is getting higher and higher, and the links among the parts become more and more close. Our company pays close attention to the world's advanced underwater equipment technology to provide first-class and cutting-edge underwater equipment for china.

Product range characteristics:

1. Product modularization to reduce cost

2. Adapt to deep water, high temperature and high pressure equipment

3. Introduce intelligent control system for automatic fault repair

4. Remote operation control system of underwater equipment surface

5. Underwater power generation and transmission equipment and technology

Marine engineering vessel

The company maintains a strategic cooperation alliance with the Ship Design Institute for a long time, actively participates in the design and equipment supply of offshore oil engineering ships, and maintains close cooperation with the domestic offshore oil engineering ship building units. And serve the shipbuilding enterprises in various forms.

The complete sets of equipment provided by the company are widely used in drilling ships, semi submersible ships, fire boats, marine geological survey ships, special transport ships, three working ships, rescue ships, etc.

In addition, the company also engaged in ship sales and leasing business.

The company can provide equipment and complete sets for new shipbuilding. As the main propulsion system of the main engine and gear box, all kinds of auxiliary machinery; propeller; generator; conventional and special half machinery; helicopter platform system; underwater equipment; cables, luminaires; distribution system; automatic control system.

FPSO device

The company is supporting the FPSO device comprises a water gas separation module, processing module, oil processing module, water reinjection module, gas compression module, power module, function module, on the anchoring agent module, mooring units, helicopter platform, lifting equipment, piping, mooring module, turret and rotary joint.

Oil platform equipment

Subsea oil recovery equipment, underwater oil collection equipment, computer room equipment, safety equipment

Drilling platform equipment

The company has obtained CNOOC long-term qualified suppliers, to provide a variety of high-quality equipment and services for drilling platform include: drilling equipment, mud system, well control equipment, marine systems, computer room equipment, safety equipment

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