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Parts and services

The company combines domestic famous parts manufacturing enterprises to provide users with high quality spare parts and services, can provide various types of marine engines and ancillary equipment parts, comprehensive supply.

The company has introduced a set of advanced electronic digital management system, which can timely and accurately check the price and inventory, and make rapid feedback to the needs of customers.

A large number of professional technicians, such as marine engineers and electrical engineers, serve the customers all over the world continuously, providing high quality technical support, maintenance guidance, operation guarantee and other services.

Pursue the tenet of "quality first, service first".

Products include all kinds of sports parts, fixed parts, gas distribution mechanism, fuel system, lubricating oil system, cooling water system, compressed air system, control system and other spare parts.

Thousands of famous domestic companies and factories, sales agents and Shaanxi firewood, firewood, Yuchai, Anqing River and other factories, to provide a variety of high-quality parts for users of ship equipment. In addition, large and modern warehouses are equipped with vulnerable parts all the year round to meet the emergency needs of users.

The company has 24 hours service telephone, make full use of regional advantages, especially in Hebei and surrounding coastal cities and ports (such as Liaoning, Tianjin, etc.), can be in urgent need of customer delivery ship

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