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Diesel engine parts supply

Our company has been supplying machinery parts to many domestic and foreign machine building factories. Including: Shaanxi heavy industry Diesel Engine Co., Ltd., Henan diesel engine factory, Shanghai Xinzhong Power Co., Ltd., Zhenjiang diesel engine factory, HCP, STX. The main supply rack, crankshaft, camshaft, piston, connecting rod, front end box, cylinder, cylinder head, high pressure oil pump, bearing, crosshead pin, etc..

Engine Assembly Parts supply

Our company began to enter the military parts market in 2004, in order to adapt to the domestic and foreign machine market demand, set up the machine parts department in 2009, and enable professionals to install parts sales and procurement. In 2010, BFMP With abundant professional knowledge and excellent service, it has made great progress in the supply of mechanical parts.


The idea of CBIP (Components Batch Industrial Plan) created by our company has assembled a large number of parts manufacturers and planned production, centralized supply mode, greatly reducing the manufacturing cost.

CBIP purpose: joint funds, technology, scale, management of excellent partners, the production of a period of integration of the total amount of products. Set on the CBIP main marketing platform, distribute parts with competitive advantage according to the previous order.

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