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Technology and service

Conserve energy,reduce emissions

1. Provide SCR (selective catalytic reduction) system to meet the Tier III emission standard of IMO organization. Include: design, selection and installation services.

2. Design, manufacture and installation of marine energy saving duct, fin stabilizer. Improve ship propulsion efficiency and reduce fuel consumption.

3, marine dual fuel main engine transformation, fuel tank layout design and installation. System debugging service.

international co-operation

1. Cooperate with international well known diesel testing and certification company to provide customers with international standard technical services. Provide TUV certification service for related products

2. Develop 1500/1714/1800 converter (4L-16L) (Tier III A) generator

3. Refit the diesel engine into a gas engine

4. Transform land and automotive engines into marine engines to meet higher performance requirements

5. Provide the engine and arrangement in the specified shell.

6. Mass balance gear box

7. Engine test system

8. Verification and testing technology of fixed hydrogen engine

9 drive gear box and cover design

The company provides a package scheme for marine propulsion system

As an agent of many brands, the main propulsion system can be designed, selected, packaged and supplied: main engine, gear box, shaft system, stern shaft seal and propeller

Ship sale and agency

Provide high quality ship sales and rental services to ship owners or Ship Management Companies customers

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