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The date of implementation of ballast water convention was finalized
2017-07-04 14:43:51      Source: international shipping network

The ballast water convention finally finalized the date of implementation of D-2 standard, one only allowed to postpone on existing ships built before September 8, 2017 the Norway compromise led finally to obtain IMO approval.
International Maritime Research Center official WeChat news, July 3rd, the 71 meeting of the International Maritime Organization Marine Environmental Protection Committee (IMO MEPC) held. Prior to the amendment to the Convention on ballast water (B-3), the final timetable for the implementation of the ballast water convention has been a hotly discussed topic at the MEPC conference. Previous proposals for timetables have two versions: the MEPC69 amendment (based on the A.1088 (28) schedule) and the MEPC70 alternative. The alternative to the MEPC70 meeting is to postpone the mandatory implementation date of the D-2 standard for 2 years (September 8, 2019). The ship built in September 8, 2019 and later in accordance with D-2 standard at the time of delivery, the ship built before September 8, 2019 from the date for the first time after the IOPP renewal inspection conforms to the D-2 standard. However, Norway, India, Liberia, Brazil coordinated to British MEPC71 meeting proposed a compromise, namely: MEPC69 scheme and MEPC70 alternative compromise, the requirements of the new shipbuilding built in September 8, 2017 and later the ship date should be self conforms to the D-2 standard (i.e. MEPC69), but only on existing ships built before September 8, 2017 allowed to postpone the first international oil certificate for 2 years to prevent September 8, 2019 or later (IOPP certificate) certificate replacement conforms to the D-2 standard (i.e. MEPC70 alternatives). The compromise, as the third option of the B-3 amendment, was approved by the Committee at the MEPC71 meeting. At the same time, the committee also agreed with Japan's proposal that vessels with less than 400 gross tonnage of vessels not meet the requirements of the IOPP exchange permit will be postponed from 2022 to 2024 of the joint proposal of the Norway. The B-3 amendment will be implemented by ballast water replacement (D-2) standard at the MEPC72 meeting.
Study on the 714 China shipbuilding industry group as a member of the international maritime center participated in the meeting will focus on the ballast water convention, ship energy efficiency (EEDI), the sulfur content of fuel, such as greenhouse gas emission reduction technology is closely related to the problem of ISO and participate in the meeting.
The so-called "existing vessel" refers to the vessel before the entry into force of the Convention (September 8, 2017), and the existing ship will meet the D2 standard after the entry into force of the Convention, to ensure that the earliest implementation date is not earlier than September 8, 2019 second. If the planned renewal survey in September 8, 2019 and after the ship has been carried out, or the renewal survey between September 8, 2014 -2017 September 8th, is the first after the entry into force of the Convention for a certificate of inspection in accordance with D2; if the planned replacement inspection before September 8, 2019 and no renewal survey between September 8, 2014 -2017 September 8th, is after the entry into force of the Convention in accordance with D2 second card test.
According to this scheme, the first or replacement inspection ship in September 8, 2014 will be the earliest vessel to be in conformity with D2. In September 7, 2014, the first or replacement test of the vessel in September 7, 2019 can not meet the D2, until September 7, 2024 meet, is the longest window period.
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