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At the end of a cancellation! Kawasaki heavy marine market exit
2017-07-03 09:47:48 Source: international shipping network editor: China Shipping Network

Kawasaki heavy industries originally ready to build the "perfect" after the last ship marine vessels out of marine equipment construction market, but did not expect the final end to cancellation form.
It is reported that Kawasaki recently officially withdrew for the construction of Norway marine ship owner Island Offshore a large submarine ship "Island Navigator" order no.. The ship was made in early 2014 with a contract price of about $244 million. "Island Navigator" is currently in the field of marine equipment Kawasaki heavy industries, the last ship built in the new ship.
Kawasaki heavy industries said that at present, many marine related enterprises are facing difficult business environment caused by the downturn in crude oil prices. Since November 2016, Island Offshore, while still maintaining daily business, but has temporarily stopped financial debt repayment, and is negotiating with banks to postpone debt repayment period.
It is understood that the "Island Navigator" delivery time was scheduled for 2017. Havard Offshore, CEO of Island Ulstein, said that the ship would bring changes to the marine industry market when it was custom-made. However, in 2015, Island Offshore decided to postpone the ship's delivery until 2018 or 2019.
"Island Navigator" to undertake a series of submarine operations, including upper wellbore drilling, wellhead intervention, underwater construction and inspection, repair and maintenance work (IMR). The captain of 169 meters, with 777 Rolls Royce UT type design, built according to the rules of maritime mobile platform.
Earlier this year, Kawasaki has announced that it will formally withdraw from the marine equipment construction market. As the oil price volatility, the past two years, Kawasaki heavy ship and marine equipment business has suffered a huge loss. Affected by this, in October 2016, Kawasaki heavy industries established Restructuring Committee, aims to make fundamental corrections to the ship and marine equipment business structure. As one of the restructuring strategy, Kawasaki decided to withdraw from the field of marine equipment construction. At the same time, the reorganization measures include Kawasaki heavy industries will be transferred from Japan to China merchant building, located in Japan's Kawasaki heavy Kagawa Sakaide factory of the future will be more focused on the construction of the LNG ship and LPG.

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