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YC4F series diesel engine

Type characteristic

In cooperation with the famous ship Yuchai engine company, the design concept and design method, combined with the world advanced cooling technology and practical experience for many years in the booster Yuchai joint design and development;
Seal technique for piston ring, lubricating oil consumption more than 50% low power;
High reliability and fuel efficiency, low maintenance cost;
Installation, maintenance and maintenance are convenient;
Low noise, quick start-up and low emission;
Overhaul period is more than 10000 hours.

YC4F technical parameter

Model YC4F115C-31 YC4F100-C20 YC4F90L-C20
Engine Vertical inline, 4 cylinder, 4 stroke, direct injection, water cooling
Bore * stroke(mm) 92 ×100
inlet Pressurization & intercooler
displacement(L) 2.66
Compression ratio 16.3:1
Rated power / speed(kW(hp)/r/min) 85/3100 73/2950 63/2800
Fuel consumption g/(kW·h) ≤195
Engine oil consumption g/(kW·h) ≤0.8
To turn to Counter clockwise (facing flywheel)
Ignition mode Electric startup
dry weight(kg) 420
Size (L, W, H)(mm) 873 × 617 × 738
Ship inspection ZC, ZY, CCS

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