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Present situation of marine diesel generator set. Because domestic units in mechanical and electrical properties, performance, stability, service life and foreign advanced unit gap, so in the last century, the mid 80s China has introduced Cummings, MWM and MAN diesel generator; Standford, SIEMENS and so on, in order to meet the needs of shipping industry.

At present, the main problems of marine diesel generator sets in our country

(1) diesel generator sets are many and miscellaneous, standardization, serialization degree is low, the universality of different products is poor, the quality of basic parts and parts is poor, the integration is poor, installation and maintenance is difficult. Compared with foreign advanced unit, the fuel economy, power, compact structure, reliability, durability, vibration and noise index gap; while the generator has the advantages of compact structure, parts of the universal, dynamic and static pressure lifetime and electromagnetic compatibility capability, performance and reliability is also very obvious gap.

(2) the application of new technology and process is slow. New technology and new process can improve the power and economy of diesel engine, reduce the content of vibration noise and exhaust, improve the quality and service life of the product, such as multi valve intake system, lean combustion, electronic fuel injection, turbocharging technology, not only can improve the compression ratio, improve air quality, reduce air resistance. The combustion more fully, to increase the output power of the diesel engine, reduce fuel consumption, but also can improve the emission and reduce exhaust smoke.

(3) diesel engines and generators used in marine generators in 1980s. Although the digestion and absorption by enterprises, and improve the degree of localization, increased the proportion of homemade parts, but ignored the digestion and absorption of the basis for improvement and innovation, so the performance and quality of products remain at the original level for many years. But with the continuous development of new products and new models abroad, the original imported products have lost market competitiveness.

(4) in the electrical equipment of marine diesel generator sets, electronic and electrical components are one of the weakest links, which affects the performance and reliability of power generation, distribution and control devices. The diesel engine is composed of three parts, such as diesel engine, generator and automatic control device. The development and improvement of any part of the technical level can promote the development of other aspects, thereby improving the overall performance of diesel generator sets. Therefore, the technical level between the three parts is mutual promotion and mutual improvement.

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