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In October 23, 2012, by the division and the China Shipbuilding Engineering Society co sponsored by the "international diesel engine assembly integration optimization forum" as the theme of the second CKC conference held in Dalian maritime exhibition hall two, 07 conference hall.
Suppliers from home and abroad, suppliers from Europe and South Korea, as well as authoritative academic institutions are gathered here to discuss the integrated optimization scheme of diesel engine parts.
Mr. Gao Chongying, the president of our company, delivered a speech on the preliminary exploration of the integration optimization of diesel engine parts, which caused the whole audience to discuss the climax. 16:30~17:30 the cocktail party prepared by the organizers was held in the lobby of the exhibition hall. In the elegant and harmonious atmosphere, the conference was successfully concluded. And the spirit of the conference was also reported by China's shipping newspaper, a well-known newspaper in the industry.

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