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On September 2014 9-12, the twenty-sixth Maritime Exhibition was held in Hamburg, Germany, and Qinhuangdao North shipping machinery import and Export Co., Ltd. will participate in the twenty-sixth 2014 Maritime Exhibition in Hamburg, germany.
SMM is the world's largest exhibition fully deserve, shipbuilding field of the highest level of professional exhibition, 98% China Maritime Shipping experts believe that SMM is the most international, the most representative of the ship manufacturing and shipping machinery exhibition, exhibitors of the annual general meeting reception, the purchaser and the audience, and turnover in substantial growth.
As China's largest supply base of equipment, complete sets and parts, our company has successfully participated in the 4 SMM exhibition. Each exhibition brings us a lot of business opportunities and partners.
This year is our fifth time to participate in the SMM exhibition, we have a professional team and rich experience, will provide you with high quality services and professional technical support. Whether you are a customer looking for spare parts and services or manufacturers looking for Chinese agents and markets, please contact us!

Our location is: A4 Pavilion - booth 215

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